The first French ORGANIC SPA in Bondi, specialised in detox massage, anti-cellulite & slimming treatments, advanced facial treatment & aha peeling.

At BIOTYSPA, we live, breathe and feel beauty from within, as we believe that beauty is a way of life. We want you to feel healthier with an inside-out process.

All our treatments are made with organic, eco-friendly, cruelty free and toxin free products. Slimming, relaxing, draining, detoxifying…try all the benefits of our beauty and wellbeing treatments.





LE DETOX    60 mins/90 mins • $125 / $175

Detoxing and draining, this signature treatment helps promote the flow of lymph, which comprises 75% of the human body. A good lymphatic circulation will help drain the body of toxins and fats, and will strengthen the immune system by improving blood circulation.
We suggest you do it fortnightly each change of season.

LE SLIM   60 mins • $130

A tonic massage inspired by the lymphatic drainage and the French «palper-rouler» anti-cellulite massage technique. Made with slimming oils to promote fats draining. We suggest you do it in addition to Le Svelte and Le Sparis.

LE ZEN   60 mins/90 mins • $135 / $185

Healing and restoring, this unique massage works on the Chinese meridians to help you emerge rebalanced, renewed and re-energised. Performed with warm oiled clay stones, handmade in France, it promotes a deep body rebalancing with the aid of Earth stones.
For a deep and effective treatment, we suggest a complete treatment of three Zen massages whenever you feel fatigued.

LE D-STRESS   45 mins • $115

An deep relaxing massage of the upper body to help stress and tension melt away. Performed with warm oiled clay stones, handmade in France. A signature massage for tired, aching muscles to help you emerge completely renewed.
We suggest the D-Stress whenever you feel back pain linked to stress or tension.

LE SOFT   40 mins • $95

A gentle and soothing massage for the legs and feet inspired by the reflexology, also combining the benefits of the lymphatic drainage to improve blood circulation. Exfoliation and foot mask included.

• All our massages are soft to medium pressure, to provide you effective and healthy massage, we don’t do hard pressure, deep tissue or remedial massage •


D-stress foot soak (salt) 20mins       $40
Scalp massage 10 mins/20mins                   $20/$40


LE SVELTE   35mins • $65  ♥

Our signature slimming treatment using natural gels to drain fats and cellulite in targeted areas (hips, thighs, buttocks, belly, arms…). An amazing draining and firming treatment which will remodel your body in a few sessions!

LE SVELTE PLUS   45mins • $75

Our signature slimming treatment using natural gels to drain fats and cellulite in targeted areas (LE SVELTE) in addition to a galvanic spa device to firm the skin texture.
We suggest a cure of ten in one month for quick results, then a fortnightly treatment to maintain results. Click here to read more about this treatment.

LE SPARIS   40mins • $80

A famous French slimming spa treatment, performed with a heating cover where you are wrapped in with detoxifying and firming gels to promote fats elimination and skin rejuvenation. We suggest a cure of four in one month for quick results, in addition to Le Svelte treatment.


LE VELOUR   25mins • $60

A full body exfoliation performed with a crystal salt oily scrub eliminating all impurities and dead cells by gently smoothing and firming the skin, preparing the skin for all the benefits of a treatment.
We suggest Le Velour be done fortnightly or before any detoxifying treatment.

LE SILK   25mins • $75

A full body hydration performed with a natural body butter and oils by gently smoothing and nourishing the skin, repairing the skin from dryness and dehydration. We suggest Le Silk be done after Le Velour.

• All our body treatments are adaptable to your needs (pregnancy, pains, skin issues…), please advise your therapist before your treatment •


Advanced Facial   60mins • $135


Hydrating & plumping

A hyaluronic infusion treatment to offer the skin a deep hydration with the BioHydra mask, to help stimulate the production of collagen and elastin.
Most skin types: +++ Dry ++ Mature + Normal


Oxygenating & balancing

A purifying treatment formulated with clays, green tea and hyaluronic acid to draw impurities from the skin’s surface removing dead cells and promoting cell detoxification.
All skin types: +++ Dull / Oily-combined / Congested / Acne ++ First ageing signs / normal


Intense anti-ageing & antioxidant

An exclusive active antioxidant boost treatment formulated with Vitamin C, green tea and ascorbic acid to restore youthful radiance to mature complexions and strengthen the skin tissue. Skin types: +++ Mature ++ Dull / Normal / Dry


• All our facial treatments include a deep cleansing with exfoliation, a specific massage and a mask infusion. All our face treatments are adaptable to your needs (pregnancy, pains, skin issues…), please advise your therapist before your treatment •

Advanced Facial + AHA peel   80mins • $175

A.H.A rejuvenate peel

A bio-active peel formulated with 13% active ingredients; a blend of natural alpha hydroxyacid and enzymes from fruit designed to refine and rejuvenate the skin.
Most skin types – not suitable for sensitive / irritated or broken skin.

Lactic + enzyme peel

The OrganicSpa Lactic acid (derived from fermented fruits and vegetables) encourages faster shedding of the upper skin cells for new cell regeneration. This peeling (39%) helps revealing a brighter and more youthfull complection in one application only.
For mature / thick skin / acne scaring – not suitable for sensitive / irritated or broken skin.

Unlike the other A.H.A. treatments that irritated and redden the skin, the OrganicSpa ones contain organic ingredients to soothe, calm and refresh the skin.

Click here to read the Blog Post with Before/After pic


Impurities extraction 25″               $50
Oxygenating steaming shot 10″ $20
Eye light lift 15″                                    $25
Décolletage lift 15″                           $40
Intense wrinkles balayage 20″     $40
Scalp massage 10″/20″         $20/$40
Foot massage 10 mins                     $25



Discover our Hair Spa massage range, offering a deep, relaxing treatment and remedying many hair issues. Completely adjustable to your needs: hair-loss, dandruff, itchy scalp, psoriasis…
Including a stimulating scalp massage on the meridians and the Chinese points.

D-STRESS  (30 mins)      $70




Discover the pleasure of qualitative and relaxing manicure and pedicure, made with toxin-free products.

MANICURE                           $45

PEDICURE                            $55

MANI&PEDI COMBO         NOW $70 $90

French Manicure   +$15
We use all natural creams, gels, nail polish and removers, certified cruelty-free, vegan and eco-friendly.


AFTER THE SUN (120 min)     $250

Deep hydrating

  • Body exfoliation
  • Body wrap
  • Biohydra Advanced facial (save up to $25)


LE MAMA MIA (75 min)     $210

X-press restoring

  • Body exfoliation
  • Body wrap
  • Le ZEN massage


D-TOX SPA (90 min)     $250

Body & Face exfoliation

  • Body exfoliation
  • Body wrap with gels
  • Multi-Detox Advanced Facial (save up to $25)



LE PARIS (120 min)   $265

Deep detoxifying

  • Body exfoliation
  • Body wrap with gels
  • Le DETOX massage


LE BIKINI (90 min)   $205

Deep slimming

  • Body exfoliation
  • Le SVELTE slimming treatment
  • Body wrap with gels

We suggest a monthly cure of four

LE THERMAL (120 min)     $275

Deep restoring

  • Body exfoliation
  • Body wrap with clays
  • Le ZEN massage


LE ST TROPEZ (120 min)     $255

Detoxifying & slimming

  • Body exfoliation
  • LE SVELTE (anti-cellulite treatment)
  • LE SLIM massage

D-TOX SPA RETREAT (2H30)     $375

Body & Face exfoliation

  • Body exfoliation
  • Body wrap with gels
  • LE DETOX massage
  • Multi-Detox Advanced Facial (save up to $35)



Beauty therapist

After graduating as a beauty therapist at Josiane Laure Paris, Déborah has always been involved in the beauty field. Beauty journalist in France, she’s the creater and director of her own webzine on beauty and wellbeing Le journal du bien-être. The dream comes true with her first beauty salon now open in Bondi Beach, offering organic massage, natural beauty treatments, toxin-free mani and pedi.