How to get rid of the cellulite?

At Biotyspa we are specialised in slimming and anti-cellulite treatments provided by our qualified spa therapists that have been trained with the JL French technique.

Le Svelte is our signature anti-cellulite treatment that will help you to:

• Reduce the appearance of cellulite

• Enhance fat cells elimination & lymph flow

• Smooth the skin texture

• Lift & Remodel the body shape

We also have two signature massages that promotes toxins and fats draining; Le Detox (Lymphatic drainage) and Le Slim massage. Please check our Spa Menu for further details.

You can also add Le Sparis treatment that will help you with your slimming program at Biotyspa. Our therapist will apply slimming & anti-cellulite gels all over your body and then wrap you in a heating cover for 30 minutes. While you’re infusing in a relaxing room, you’ll enjoy a 10 minutes scalp massage before shower.


How often should I do Le Svelte/Svelte Plus?

We generally recommend to start with two to three sessions for the first two weeks. After your 5th session, our therapist will give you recommendations with for slimming program.

What can I expect from those treatments?

We always have good results with our slimming & anti-cellulite treatments. Before you start your cure, you’ll have a consultation with one of our therapist that will give you some recommendations. If you come at least twice a week, you should get quick results.

I don’t live in Sydney, do you offer “take home treatment”?

You’ll find on our online shop (click here), a selection of natural and effective skin care, and an amazing Detox & Slimming 3 weeks inner cure (click here) that will effectively fight against cellulite.


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