active slim


active slim, top Biotyspa's slimming range.


Biotyspa’s first slimming range, formulated with high-quality active ingredients to combat cellulite, firm the skin, and drain fat cells to give you smoother, more toned and firmer skin.

Offered as an intensive treatment protocol, this range consists of an oil, a vacuum slimming cup and a tea.


organic slimming oil.

The ideal slimming and anti-cellulite cocktail.

Made from the finest active ingredients, this oil promotes firmer skin and the elimination of fat cells. Coffee extract – the star ingredient of this formula – is combined with essential oils of juniper, lemon and grapefruit for their draining properties, to deliver a skin firming action and encourage lipolysis (the destruction of fat).

Certified 98.18% organic by COSMOS and ACO

slimming oil active ingredients

  • coffee

    • Organic coffee extract.

    • Facilitates lymphatic drainage of fat cells (cellulite), and slows down the development of fat cells.

  • lemon

    • Essential oil of lemon.

    • Lipolytic, toning, and an antioxidant.

  • juniper

    • Essential oil of juniper.

    • Draining, toning, Anti-inflammatory, and diuretic.

  • rosemary

    • Essential oil of rosemary.

    • Anti-inflammatory, aids lymphatic drainage and circulation.

  • macadamia

    • Macadamia nut oil.

    • Ideal as a base oil for massage, it soaks into skin very quickly, restoring softness and elasticity. Also combats the appearance of stretch marks.

  • grapefruit

    • Essential oil of grapefruit.

    • Firms the skin and reduces its orange-peel effect.

  • argan

    • Argan nut oil.

    • Firming, softening and rich in Vitamin E and squalene (antioxidant).

  • helichrysum

    • Essential oil of helichrysum.

    • Tonic, astringent, improves microcirculation, and tones up the tissues.

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slimming vacuum cup.

The essential slimming tool for smoother skin.

The Active Slim massage slimming cup is specially designed to mimic the famous French “palpate and roll” massage technique to encourage the elimination of fat deposits through lymphatic tissue drainage. Its innovative ergonomic shape allows a good grip and therefore a faster massage, while maintaining optimal and constant suction.

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organic slimming tea.

A sweet and fruity lymph-draining drink.

Made from ingredients with diuretic and draining properties, Maté – a powerful slimming stimulant – is combined with fucus and hibiscus to make a beverage that reduces water and cellulite retention. Drink 2 to 3 cups of this tea daily, hot or iced, to effectively supplement the action of the oil and the Active Slim slimming cup. 

slimming tea active ingredients

  • yerba maté

    • A powerful slimming, diuretic and energising stimulant.

  • fucus

    • An iodine-rich seaweed with draining and lipolytic properties. Also replaces lost minerals and suppresses the appetite.

  • lemon

    • A hepatic stimulant and powerful detoxifier.

  • hibiscus

    • Diuretic, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.

  • lemongrass

    • Diuretic and combats bloating.

  • liquorice

    • Anti-inflammatory, detoxifying and laxative.

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