active slim detox water recipe


The Detox Water is very trendy, but first of all it is super healthy as it helps your body to get hydration, vitamins and minerals (depending on fruits and herbs you put into it). We are mainly made from water (75-80%).

Here is our recipe of our Slimming Detox Water, made with our iced Active Slim Tea, to get rid of cellulite and detox all day long...yummy!

Ideally you can prepare your Detox Water in a 1L bottle, with filtered or alkaline/spring water in order to help your body to drain properly all the toxins without overload it with heavy things.

So for 1L Detox Water Active Slim you need ;

  • 1L of water

  • 1 tea pot

  • 2 tablespoon or 2 tea bags of our Active Slim tea

  • 1/2 lemon (organic please)

  • Some mint leaves

Boil 1/2L of water and leave it infused with your Active Slim tea for 7 to 8 min. Take off the tea and then add 1/2L of cold water.
Leave it in the fridge for 1 to 2 hours (ideally your can prepare it the night before, so it will be perfectly iced in the morning).

When it is cold enough, add some slices of lemon and mint, and voilà! Your Detox Water Active Slim is ready to follow you everywhere, to the beach, to work, to the gym...!

So you can easily drink your 1L Active Slim Detox Water for three weeks, as recommended, in order to get a gentle daily detox to target fats, water retention and cellulite drainage.

For further results we recommend to use the Organic Slimming Oil and the Slimming Vacuum Cup.