How to treat your cellulite concerns


There are a variety of ways to treat your cellulite, both inside and out.

BIOTYSPA is fully equipment to treat any cellulite concerns. Using a variety of modern technologies which help to reduce and firm the skin, our slimming and cellulite treatments help treat oedema, soft and hard types of cellulite.

Our treatments are a combination of at home and in salon treatments to help you reduce and eliminate any cellulite problems.

Treating Soft Cellulite


We use Radio Frequency technology which intensively helps to tighten the skin and is effective at  lifting and firming the skin to help reduce cellulite. Depending on the skin’s condition, we generally recommend a maintenance program starting with a treatment at least once a week for three weeks, followed by every three weeks, with results after the first session.

At Home:

Exercising is highly recommended; whether that be walking, yoga or Pilates. Swimming is also a great form of exercise to help tighten the skin, in conjunction with our organic firming & slimming oil and drinking our organic slimming tea.

Treating Hard Cellulite


Hard cellulite is a little more difficult to treat, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be treated at all. BIOTYSPA uses Fat Cavitation technology, which offers intensive fatty cellulite reduction, intensive fat cells reduction and microcirculation with visible slimming and modelling results to reducing hard cellulite. We recommend treatments at least once a week for up to ten sessions, with results showing after the first treatment.

Warning: This is an intensive treatment for cellulite and clients are not allowed to consume carbs, meat, unhealthy fats or any alcohol within 48 hours after treatment.

At Home:

Intense cardio exercises are recommended to help treat hard cellulite, like running, HIIT, cross fit and even boxing. Clients will also need to use the Active Slim Cellulite Treatment for at least two intensive courses over three weeks in a row (six weeks in total). This includes our organic slimming & draining tea and our organic firming & slimming oil with vacuum cellulite cup.

Oedema Cellulite


To treat this type of cellulite we use a Cellu Lymph Vacuum Treatment which is seven more times effective than other forms of treatment. This treatment helps to promote lymphatic drainage, body sculpting and promotes healthier, smoother looking skin. As this type of treatment promotes good circulation throughout the body, it is one of the most effective types of treatments for oedema cellulite; which is water retention in the body. One to two sessions per week for treatment is recommended over the course of eight to ten treatments.  

At Home:

Exercises like yoga, walking and swimming are highly effective at reducing water retention in the body, helping to eliminate cellulite from the skin. Match that with our at home Active Slim Cellulite Treatment of an organic slimming & draining tea and our organic slimming oil with vacuum cup, cellulite will disappear almost immediately.

Biotyspa’s difference

Many of our clients have what we call "Mixed cellulite", which means they have soft cellulite, as well as some water retention and hard cellulite. To maximise the results, we are one of the only salon in Sydney to offer a 3 in 1 treatment, combining the benefits of our three best effective technologies: radio frequency + fat cavitation + cellu vacuum. Have a look to our BIOTY PACK here.

Made using only natural products and conductive base (from France).

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