Non-Toxic Gel Nail at Biotyspa


Non-Toxic Gel Nail Polish Has Arrived at BIOTYSPA

If you’re looking for a non-toxic way to enjoy a stunning manicure, BIOTYSPA now uses Bio Sculpture Gel Polish, which is 100 percent toxin-free.

Bio Sculpture Gel is a soak-off nail polish which focuses on providing the healthiest manicure and pedicure available in the nail care industry and who have always led the market with innovative nail care systems and were the first colour gel to be given a clinically trialled 5-star rating system for it’s deliver system in providing perfect nails to women all around the world.

Like the rest of their products, the new Non-Toxic gel by Bio Sculpture is completely vegan and cruelty-free, delivering not only an ethical message with their brand, but proving high-quality nail polish can be achieved without the use of harsh ingredients which damage the nail, the use of testing their products on animals, or using animal-derived ingredients in their products.

Their Toxic-Free Gel uses a revolutionary oxygenating technology which allows the nail to breath easy and is easy to remove using a gentle removal technique which doesn’t damage the nail bed as no harsh scratching of buffing is required to remove the gel and nails are left feeling better than before.

The gel lasts for up to three weeks, without chipping and is flexible without the use of heavy layers on the nail, so as your nails bed grows, stretches, bends or hit objects hard by accident, the gel works with your nail to stay in place without, providing protection and treating the nail, making them healthier than ever before.

Bio Sculpture take nail health and nail education seriously when it comes to the use of their products, so staff at BIOTSYPA have been fully trained and qualified in the use of their products. This ensures your nails are receiving the best service possible in keeping them strong and healthy.

We also offer another non-toxic alternative for anyone wanting a non-gel-based nail polish.

Kester Black is a well-known natural-based nail polish who created their nail polish using the 10-free method. Kester don’t create gel-based products. However, their nail polish is hard wearing and available in a beautiful range of colours, all toxic free to keep nails strong and healthy.

Both Kester Black and Bio Sculpture don’t use the following ingredients in their products:

  • Dibutyl phthalate (DBP): This stuff keeps the nail polish formula flexible and is the ingredient for a “chip-free” finish. It’s also the ingredient that’s most linked to reproductive issues.

  • Formaldehyde: This is a preservative, sterilizer, and an embalming chemical (used to embalm dead bodies) as well as a known carcinogen. This makes your nail polish harden and keeps it fresh for a long time.

  • Toluene: This is a petroleum/coal tar derived chemical that’s meant to keep your polish smooth. Chronic exposure is linked to anemia, liver, and kidney damage, decreased blood cell count, and it can affect a developing fetus.

  • Formaldehyde Resin: This is a derivative of Formaldehyde that may be slightly less toxic but is still a carcinogen and allergen. It’s included to harden and smooth the nail polish.

  • Camphor: This is a plasticizer that makes polish flexible. It’s also a neurotoxin, which can cause seizures if ingested (nail biters, looking at you!) and liver damage when absorbed into the skin.

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