cellulite & slimming


Biotyspa offers a large range of Slimming & Cellulite treatments, using three different technologies to get rid of cellulite, slim and firm up the skin, targeting any slimming and cellulite concerns.

Our founder, Déborah always picks the best and safest technology available on the market. Our machines and the technology are made and designed in Europe, which means fully certified and controlled by European regulations. We don’t use Chinese technology. We are always picking the best quality for you, using natural & active serum, gels and oils with tightening and decongestant properties.


active slim spa treatment.


Made with Biotyspa Slimming & Firming skincare.


Our signature smoothing body exfoliation made with cellulite busting coffee scrub targeting stubborn zones.

Slimming body wrap with firming action to encourage lipolysis (fats burning), made with French seaweed concentrate. Please consider exfoliation prior to this treatment. Includes shower time.

ACTIVE SLIM Body massage.   60min - $130

A body lift massage inspired from the famous anti-cellulite French « palper rouler » technique, made with Biotyspa Active Slim oil to drain the fat cells and enhance cellulite reduction.



slim & lift body technology.


BIOTY intensive packs SUMMER DEALS.

To maximize the results, we offer two packages for the main concerns of our clients (from Déborah’s experience in the field), combining the benefits of these three best effective technologies.

(pay 4 upfront and get one free)


BIOTY BUTT PACK   $199 (was $275)

Includes RF + Fat Cavitation + Vacuum technology to smooth, lift and slim the back thighs and buttocks. The perfect treatment to get your back tightened and lifted up on the beach. *Pay 4 upfront and get 1 Free

BIOTY THIGHS PACK   $199 (was $275)

Includes RF + Fat Cavitation + Vacuum technology to smooth, lift up and slim the front thighs. The perfect treatment to get your front upper legs tightened with a firmer aspect on the beach. *Pay 4 upfront and get 1 Free

BIOTY ABS PACK   $199 (was $255)

Includes RF and/or Fat Cavitation on the tummy and love handles to slim and tighten the abdomen and love handles. The perfect post-natal treatment to repair and tighten your tummy (mustn’t be done during lactation period).

BIOTY ARMS PACK   $199 (was $255)

Includes RF + Fat Cavitation + Vacuum technology on the upper inner arms to slim, tighten the skin and smooth the skin texture. The perfect treatment to get your arms firmer and lifted.


le svelte advanced.

Seven times more effective than before, to promote lymphatic drainage, body sculpting and lifting.

Biotyspa's flagship Cellulite Lymph vacuum treatment made with our Active Slim oil with coffee extracts, to smooth and firm the thighs and buttocks (20min) + tummy (30min).

(pay 5 upfront and get one free) / *price on specials for a limited time

thighs + buttocks.   20min - $69* (was $79)

thighs + buttocks + abdomen.   30min - $75* (was $89)


radio frequency RF.

Our amazing new technology to intensively tighten the body skin, effective on skin lifting and firming, cellulite reduction.

(pay 4 upfront and get one free)


fat cavitation.

Our amazing new technology offering intensive cellulite reduction, intensive fat cells reduction, stimulate microcirculation with visible slimming and modelling results.

(pay 4 upfront and get one free)

abdomen.   $135

inner arms.   $115


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Any first time comes with a complementary consultation of 10 minutes.

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