During pregnancy, a woman's body undergoes many changes, some of them stressful and uncomfortable. Massage is a perfect way to reduce stress and promote general wellbeing. That's why we have designed specific treatments with customised techniques to accompany our mum to be at any stage of pregnancy.


pregnancy massage.

Made with Organic and pregnancy friendly skincare.


le mama.   70min - $155

A gentle and relaxing massage based around your concerns at any stage of pregnancy from first trimester and beyond. Recommended for first and beginning of second trimester to reduce nausea and fatigue.

le mama advanced.   90min - $185

A fully customized massage more adjusted to second and third trimester pregnancy discomforts, inclusive treatment into the hips, lower back and thoracic region. Using gentle breathing and relaxation techniques to reduce anxiety and stress surrounding the birth.



pregnancy facial.

Made with Organic and pregnancy friendly skincare.


le mama facial.   60min - $155 (was $175)

A 2 in 1 facial treatment, especially designed for the expectant mother that includes a customisable facial to balance hormonal skin disorders (acné/oiliness/dryness), followed by a gentle tummy exfoliation and nourishing mask. Performed after the first trimester.

Our table is adjusted and comfortable to give you a relaxing time. We use pregnancy safe skincare, certified organic and vegan. All skin type.



pregnancy spa package.

Made with Organic and pregnancy friendly skincare.


le mama mia.   120min - $295 (was $330)

A nurturing experience for the expectant mother and baby. Ease the mind and relieve tension with our therapeutic pregnancy massage Le Mama, followed by Le Mama facial, a 2 in 1 facial treatment designed to balance hormonal skin disorders, including a gentle tummy hydrating and nourishing treatment (exfoliation & mask).

Performed after the first trimester.


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Any first time comes with a complementary consultation of 10 minutes.

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