cellulite cup

cellulite cup

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The slimming cup ACTIVE SLIM has been designed to break the fat cells and get rid of the cellulite. The mouvements imitate the lymphatic drainage and the famous French «palpate roll » massage, enhancing circulation, getting rid of toxins and water retention.

For further results, the cup must be used with the organic slimming oil ACTIVE SLIM to allow massage, in addition to the ACTIVE SLIM tea.

Directions: Prior using the cup, apply the Slimming oil ACTIVE SLIM on located areas, on dry skin.
Get the cup wet to make the massage easier. Take the cup flat on your skin, and press then the the top with more or less intensity, depending how hard you want to vacuum. Then make some circular movements to massage from bottom to top, during five minutes on each area.

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how to use the cellulite cup